dkfs logo simpleToday's healthcare senior services is a rapidly growing business; foodservice being a vitial part of the success. The Foodservice Director is incresingly challenged to understand the needs of their customers and how to manage the operations.

With the many openings for qualified foodservice operators, administration is scrambling to find people to fill the open positions. Welcome to the dk Foodservice Solutions website. Our company works with facilities to fill the void until a qualified foodservice leader is in place. Or the new operator may need more support to orient to their new roles as directors. 

We consult with Administration and the foodservice department management team.  Our focus is on the development of the director and provide them with the tools to become a successful leader. 

Additional services offered include conference speaker, assisting with developing menus and looking at system flow in a the foodservice department.  

Kristi Salisbury, co-founder of dk Foodservice Solutions, LLC business model is to provide management support to healthcare organization’s Administration and the Nutrition and Foodservice departments.

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