Managing a Design Project

A renovation or new construction can create anxiety for anyone. A project can consist of a minor redecorating of wallpaper and flooring to a very complicated construction plan. 

Renovation or construction can be overwhelming.

During any project, the regular work routine does not stop. dk Foodservice Solutions, LLC has experience with remodeling and new construction projects from the operator’s perspective. We are not a design firm, but can help to manage the process of looking at the plans and assisting with the staging of the project. This allows the foodservice manager to focus on their regular daily activities. Areas that we can assist prior and through the renovation project include:  

  • Conduct an assessment of the department to determine goals and objectives for the project
  • Look for potential opportunities for changes or new services for the facility
  • Act as a liaison between the facility and the design firm to add an operators’ experience into the plan
  • Review the menu or meal service for potential changes that works with new equipment or services.
  • Work with the foodservice director to set up temporary menus, service locations and processes for a success outcome.

Juggling time  to get the renovation completed.


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