Menu Engineering & Meal Delivery

Meal Delivery 

  • Patient/Resident Menus
    • Modified for diets and textures
    • Recipes
    • Production Sheets
    • Fully documented
    • Printed hardcopy or software based
  • Cafeteria Menus
    • Recipes
    • Production Sheets
  • Catering Menus
    • Recipes
    • Production Sheets

Menu Engineering

The menu is the center of any foodservice department but is often given the least attention. It controls labor usage, food expense and patient/resident satisfaction. However, writing a well-designed, costed, menu takes 6-9 months to complete ALL supporting materials desired by surveyors.

A fully documented menu goes beyond the “week-at-a-glance” and includes nutritional analysis of each diet and texture. Production sheets, scaled recipes and order guides are rarely addressed.

Meal Delivery

There is no one best model, but which one is right for your facility?  Room service may fit your OB and Pediatric units while a spoken menu is better for other areas.  The answer may be in a blended style offering the right service in different settings.

  • Meal Delivery Models
    • Traditional Tray Service
    • Tableside Dining Room Service
    • Spoken Menu
    • POD or Pantry Service
    • Room Service 
    • A customized blend of services

We recognize the importance of the meal delivery model on the design of the menu. dk Foodservice Solutions, LLC can help develop an integrated menu to complement the most appropriate mix of delivery services. Once a decision is made, we can support the implementation of that plan.

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